How Project Roles Work


Each project on Collabster has to have at least one role, the owner. After that you can add as many roles as you want. Each member on a project has to have a role but each role can have multiple users. Every project role has its own permissions.

Role Options

Project roles on Collabster have several options when created:

  • Title - Pretty obvious, role title
  • Level - Authority of role
  • # of Users - How many users can have this role
  • Description - A short description of the role

Adding users

To add a user to a role you have created (on the project settings page), go to your project’s Roles page, and click invite under that role. A dialog will popup which allows you to type in a username or message. An invite will be sent to the user, and they will have the option to join your project under that role.

Role Authority

Contributor (level 1)

This is the basic member level. Members can add to the project feed and add pictures. They are listed in the project members and will have a badge in project discussion.

Moderator (level 2)

Moderators are the next level up from a member and have a lot more permissions. These users are able to edit all project info, remove member discussion, kick and members, add new member and moderator roles, delete member and unoccupied roles, and invite and accept new members.

Leader (level 3)

Leaders have all the permissions of moderators but they can kick and move moderators, remove discussion and announcements from moderators, add leader roles, remove moderator roles, accept and invite new moderators.

Owner (level 4)

The owner is the only role that a project has to have. You cannot delete the owner but you can transfer ownership to another project member. The owner can do everything that leaders can do but they can kick and move leaders, remove discussion and announcements from leaders, remove leader roles, accept and invite new leaders, transfer ownership, and delete project.